Protect Gomeroi Cultural Heritage

Call Minister Sussan Ley and ask her to act now to protect Gomeroi cultural heritage from the Shenhua mine

Shenhua Australia wants to build a 10 million tonnes per year coal mine near Breeza on the Liverpool Plains. 

The three giant pits to be mined harbour places of enormous significance to Gomeroi people, including a burial pathway, large grinding groove sites where warriors sharpened their spears, scarred trees and artefactual objects that together create a landscape of cultural and spiritual meaning irreplaceable to the Gomeroi Traditional Custodians.

Despite accepting the “immeasurable cultural values” and importance of the sites to Gomeroi Traditional Custodians, the Environment Minister Sussan Ley has not protected the areas.

This country has already suffered enough from existing mining - with significant impacts on our country, our culture and our water.

Dolly Talbott and her community needs our back-up. 

“If this mega-mine proceeds, our interlinked sacred places will be completely destroyed and obliterated from the landscape. We will no longer be able to read our Country, share our sacred places with our children and grandchildren. Our ancestors’ footprints, their legacy to us, will be lost - lost forever,” Dolly Talbott.

Can you call Minister Ley and tell her that Aboriginal cultural heritage must be protected?

Call her now on 02 6277 7920

Let her know that:

  • You’re outraged that Aboriginal cultural heritage would be destroyed 
  • You want her to protect the irreplaceable Gomeroi cultural heritage at the proposed Shenhua’s Watermark mine site
  • If the law needs changing to make this possible, then it must be changed. The living cultural heritage of the Gomeroi and all Aboriginal people must be protected.

Call the Minister now on 02 6277 7920

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