Clean Energy Agreement Making on First Nations Land

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Best practice guidelines for how clean energy companies can approach agreement making with First Nations landholders.

The guide was prepared by The Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research at the ANU, produced for the ‘Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific’ ANU Grand Challenge Project. It includes a foreword by Original Power's Executive Director Karrina Nolan.

The guide explains the basic building blocks of how to develop an enduring relationship with First Nations people through ‘sharing the benefits’. It is an invitation to renewable energy companies to embrace the opportunity of having strong, equitable, respectful and durable relationships with First Nations people. The Guide explains some of the key concepts and obligations, as well as setting out best practice guidelines for negotiating land access agreements with First Nations land holders. It also provides examples of the contents of both strong and weak land access and benefit sharing agreements. 

Authors: O’Neill, L., Riley, B., Hunt, J., & Maynard, G. (2021).  

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