Borroloola's Ngardara Solar Microgrid Project

Original Power works with First Nations communities across the Northern Territory to harness the transformative potential of the clean energy transition in our regions.

One we're involved with is the Ngardara ‘Sun’ Project in Borroloola where the community is working with Original Power and renewable energy experts to conduct a feasibility study to design and build their own solar microgrid. The project will cut local energy costs and reduce reliance on the town’s ageing and polluting diesel generators, providing a model for community ownership of power generation assets that can be shared with other communities seeking to benefit from and expand the reach of the clean energy revolution.

Gadrian Hoosan, Garrwa custodian and Coordinator for the ground-breaking community-led Ngardara ‘Sun’ Project in Borroloola says:

“Solar power offers the chance for our people to live and work on country, create good jobs for our young people and help our communities better prepare for climate change impacts.” 

For decades Borroloola residents have lived with chronic energy poverty, paying high costs on pre-paid power cards and experiencing regular electricity disconnections that spoil food and medicine, and leave homes too hot to live in.

“We want to see the future of our region powered by the sun, with cheap, clean and reliable power for every household and business in Borroloola. Clean energy gives us hope for the future of our community, and that’s worth fighting for.’

Keep in touch for regular updates on the progress of our project and find out how your community can be part of the Territory’s clean energy plan.

Update on the Borroloola solar homelands project, 2023

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